how to make the 850 airmagnum more powerful

My Hatsan 135 in .30 feels more than 2x as powerful. Even my Ataman AP16 PCP pistol in .22 feels a touch stronger than the 850, although I'm not a great shot with it. Even my Ataman AP16 PCP pistol in .22 feels a touch stronger than the 850, although I'm not a great shot with it. ... More

how to make marijuana tincture with vodka

Cannabis tincture is also one of the oldest forms of marijuana in medicinal form, being used in various cultures for centuries as a curative tonic. But it’s also a great way to enjoy weed without smoking. This guide will teach you how to make cannabis tincture the old fashioned way. ... More

how to make a line in word to write on

30/07/2008 · Word will stop underlining at the first blank on a line not followed by a non-blank character. The trick is to put a non-breaking blank at the end of the space you want underlined. It will fool Word into underlining everything, including normal blanks, up to that point. ... More

how to say robert in japanese

2/09/2007 · I'm dating a Japanese guy, in Japanese, and I've been wondering how should I actually call him. I usually just use his first name and he uses mine, without the ''-san''. ... More

how to pack a suitcase using packing cubes

Packing cubes are also a great way to save space and especially organize your clothes based on the day you'll wear them or even certain activities (cubes for dressier items, cubes for casual wear ... More

how to make playdough without vegetable oil

20/07/2010 · I want to make playdough the kind you cook, I do not at all want the non cooked kind. So can you cook it without the oil? If I do cook it without the oil will it turn out the same? ... More

how to make oobleck without cornstarch or baby powder

If you don't have corn starch, you can always use Johnson & Johnson® baby powder. The name Oobleck is borrowed from the Dr. Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, which told a story about a similar substance. ... More

how to get six pack abs using weights

In order to get six pack abs that “pop” like you see in the magazines, you don’t need Photoshop like some “Insta-fit model.” Once you prioritize your abs, all you need to do is train and develop them using progressive overload and time-under-tension. ... More

how to ride a 2 wheel bike

2 Smooth. Being smooth is a mantra that is all-pervasive in motorcycling. It will make you faster on the race track and safer in the wet. But with a heavy bike it will also make you steadier at slow traffic speeds. Execute all brake, throttle and steering adjustments as smoothly as possible. Don’t be a jerk! 3 Head up. Don’t look down when riding slowly. To get a sense of balance you need ... More

how to import data into run keeper

Now that we have an authenticated @curl object, gpx files in memory, and a method of converting gpx files into Runkeeper point data, we can finish what we started and create a new activity for ... More

how to use your baby can read program

Home > Products > Your Baby Can Learn! - Deluxe KIT Special Edition + Bonus- Your Child Can Read 5 DVDs Your Baby Can Learn! - Deluxe KIT Special Edition + Bonus- Your Child Can Read 5 DVDs. $149.95 Title Collections: My Baby Can Learn, Your ... More

how to make a player respawn

Players in minigames such as the Duel Arena typically do not respawn in one of the regular spawn points, but in a location specific for the minigame they are playing. Edgeville You will respawn in Edgeville if you are a new player, with an account made after the Edgeville graphical update . ... More

how to make camping refrigerator at home

Yogurt and granola: Make your own granola at home and sprinkle it on top of your favorite protein-packed yogurt. Fruit salad with nuts : Toss a mix of seasonal fruits together with your favorite nut mix for a sweet and crunchy breakfast. ... More

how to make spiced malt syrup

10/01/2009 · If you were to ask on a brewing forum. Barley/malt syrup is a minor ingredient in breads (generally speaking) but a very important and prominent component of beer making, both as dry and syrup … ... More

how to prepare cool cake

28/06/2010 · If you left the cake overnight on the freezer, make sure you thaw it completely before you cover it with frosting. Crumb-coat your cake before you cover it with fondant. A crumb coat is a thinned layer of frosting applied to the cake. ... More

how to make meat curry video

Jamaican Curry Goat – insanely delicious slow cooked Jamaican Spiced Curry that is full of flavour and tender to the bone! An absolutely must-make Jamaican food! So easy to make with minimal prep. If you ask anyone who loves Jamaican food to pick his or her favorite, this Curry Goat, would no doubt, make an appearance on the list. Although goat meat … ... More

how to remove play and explore from start menu

If you launch the newly installed program by clicking on its shortcut present in Start Menu/Start Screen, it'll immediately remove the "NEW" tag from the shortcut. So you just need to open the program once and the "NEW" tag will disappear. ... More

how to make a delorean out of lego

When I went to a DeLorean car show, I found out there were people that had seen Back to the Future and wanted to get that car, or they had a DeLorean and … ... More

how to make an incline shawlette

I have found that making the incline on a curve, simply make the slits on the outside of the incline. The slits should go most of the way across the foam. The foam will flex nicely, and there are only half as many slits to make. ... More

how to make money off instagram account

An Instagram user can earn $5,000 for a post made in partnership with a brand. If you're a regular Instagram user, there are ways for you to monetize your account. Here are a few tips to get started. ... More

how to make chocolate caramel slice

This re-imagined version of Caramel Slice, a childhood favorite is the perfect little treat for when you need a little indulgence without the massive sugar hit. ... More

how to open gif files in windows 7

Scroll down through the list of search results to find the file you are looking for, then click the file name to open it. Windows Vista and Windows 7. Click on the Start button to open the Start menu. In the Search text field at the bottom of the Start menu, type part or all of the file name you want to find. See the search tips section for tips on searching for files. In the search results ... More

how to get interim intervention order

Interim “live with” Order An Interim Order is an “in between order” that you get while waiting for a final order. That pending further Order the child [names] shall live with the [mother or father]. ... More

how to play southern rock guitar

24. Outlaws: Outlaws (1975) Are you from the South? Do you own a musical instrument? There’s a great chance you were in Outlaws once. Tampa’s foremost country-rock guitar army has literally ... More

how to make potions in minecraft 1.8

1.8 snapshots Edit: In the 1.8 snapshots, an extra parameter can be added to the command, which will hide particles when set to true. This will remove the curly particles around your … ... More

how to make a new moshi monsters account

what happens when you forgot your moshi monsters account . I wanted to play moshi monsters but I forgot my username and I tried to make a new one but I can't ... More

how to make cinnamon oil for candy

Allow the candy to cool some more and then add 2 1/2 - 3 tsp of the cinnamon oil. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND YOU DO THIS STEP NEAR AN EXAUST FAN. DO NOT HOLD YOUR FACE NEAR THE CANDY WHEN YOU ADD THE CINNAMON OIL. ... More

how to make an underground trampoline

The world's largest underground trampoline was unveiled today in caverns which are twice the size of St Paul's Cathedral. Bounce Below is part of Zip World, an outdoor pursuits centre in Blaenau ... More

how to make iron man phone

Here is an in-depth look at how I approach cookie designs (like Iron Man) using my Kopykake projector. Sometimes, I begin with an existing cutter and with the help of my Kopykake, adapt the design to fit. ... More

how to make cbd isolate crystals

CBD CRYSTAL ISOLATE Each container contains 1 gram of 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD) infused with or without cannabis derived terpenes. We guarantee an … ... More

how to make a game like animal jam

Animal Jam - Play Wild - While viewing a Jammer's Player Card, tap on the icon that has two circular arrows. - Choose an item you would like to trade for by tapping on it. ... More

how to make bread and butter custard

Classic brioche bread and butter pudding (5) 1 hour 20 min. 5 reviews Return to the heat and stir to form a custard then pour over the sliced bread. Bake in the preheated oven for 50 to 60 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and serve warm. Similar recipes. Stollen bread and butter pudding Lucy's bread and butter pudding Kahlua® bread … ... More

how to make own vouchers

When you create a voucher online, you won't process payment immediately. Our team will email your voucher and payment information, and your voucher will be ready to use once we have received funds. We aim to process all vouchers on the same or next business day. ... More

how to make watermelon ice drink

watermelon juice recipe is a homemade summer drink that re-energizes you on hot summer days, watermelon juice is a very healthy and easy to make summer recipe. Serve it with lots of ice and enjoy. ... More

how to make christmas tree shape cone paper

Full directions for making this cone shaped Christmas tree. Make your own homemade Christmas tree using evergreen branches, holly or just about anything. Full directions for making this cone shaped Christmas tree. DIY Christmas tree cone pattern #template . Read it. Make Your Own Cone Shaped Christmas Tree Christmas Craft. DIY Christmas tree cone pattern #template. Decora?iuni Bradu? … ... More

how to make a volcano with plaster of paris

7/05/2015 · Watch video · How to make Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake Pop Recipe! Firm, stable and perfect for 3D Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake … ... More

how to make pulled pork from leftover pork roast

Leftover pork roast bbq wrap - recipe. Learn how to cook great Leftover pork roast bbq wrap - . deliver fine selection of quality Leftover pork roast bbq wrap - recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. ... More

how to make safe investments

14/11/2013 · By far the safest investment you could possibly make is buying more education for yourself or starting a business. Even then, you could be jobless and … ... More

how to make a cabbage patch kid

A fan of the iconic Cabbage Patch Kid toys has taken her obsession to the next level by making her own versions of the dolls’ woollen tresses. Amanda Lillie, 32, has created a range of crocheted ... More

how to make a water purification device

Life Sack is a water purification sack that is first used for shipping grains to communities in need. Once the sack filled with grains is received, the sack can be used as a water purification device just by adding dirty water in and leaving the sack in the sun. The Life Sack uses a ... More

how to make a pokemon follow you in shiny gold

27/08/2018 · Sometimes, if a Pokémon is very weak to a type of pokemon, you can retreat. Other times, when your opponent is very weak to a certain type of pokemon, and the move has a boost in attack. Other times, when your opponent is very weak to a certain type of pokemon… ... More

how to make an ios game in flash

Programming in Objective-C using the Apple-provided frameworks is commonly referred to as “Cocoa programming”, and also applies to development on the Mac. iOS developers often refer to the collection of iOS frameworks as “Cocoa Touch” to make a distinction. ... More

how to make my own website for free and easy

15/01/2018 · Make it easy to type. Don’t make your name overly complex, like It’s too tough to type, impossible to remember, and will lead to typos, which will send people away from your site. Make it original. The name shouldn’t be too similar to an existing, well established site. Stay away from for your bareback horse riding website. Make it brandable ... More

how to open an account for a group

26/10/2006 · Every group benefits from a treasurer.. That being said, you might call a bank and see what it would take to add 5-7 signatories.. though I would loathe being the banker who had to set that account … ... More

how to make pickled banana pepper rings

After spending way too much money buying pickled peppers, I decided to start making my own. Making pickled jalapenos is ridiculously easy. You slice the jalapenos, cover with a simple brine and let sit for a day or so before you dive in. ... More

how to make lomnice biscuits recipe

These light and crunchy tuile biscuits are a traditional French recipe and make the perfect addition to any dessert. Much easier than they look- try our recipe . These light and crunchy tuile ... More

how to make your wife sexually satisfied

Believe it or not, your wife wants you to teach her from the Bible. She wants you to make wise decisions. She wants to hear insights that God gave you. It is interesting that it is our responsibility as husbands to show our wife as a special presentation to God (v. … ... More

how to make a cent sign on a mac keyboard

How to make the Cents Sign (¢) Update 4/24/2017: You can show the ¢ in most documents (Word, Excel, Blogger) by pressing: Alt + 0162 (Note this only works if you use the number pad for the "0162", not the row of number keys across the top of your keyboard) ... More

how to prepare asparagus on stove

5/06/2018 · Learn how to steam asparagus either on the stove... Asparagus is a delicate vegetable that needs to be cooked gently. Steaming asparagus is the perfect way to preserve its texture and bring out the best in its flavor. ... More

how to make raw meat for dog

Big Dog RAW Food diets are scientifically formulated to offer essential balanced nutrition based on the evolutionary diet that dogs and cats have thrived on for hundreds of thousands of years. ... More

how to make your own wind tunnel

Low tunnels are easy and inexpensive to make, and they mean you can enjoy more fresh produce during the coldest months of the year, so it’s well worth making your own. We’d love to hear how you protect your vegetables over winter, so drop us a comment below to tell us. ... More

how to say g day mate

Slim Dusty - G`Day Blue Lyrics. Now Blue is known around the town as a real decent bloke, He could take it on the chin when the chips are down and he could always take a jo Now Blue is known around the town as a real decent bloke, He could take it on the chin … ... More

how to put buildings in minecraft mc edit

31/12/2018 · Find tutorials on websites like wikiHow, or go to Google Images and type in: "minecraft things to build", choose a suggestion that returns to build a replica on Minecraft. You can change it a bit, too. Borrow books on Minecraft buildings from your local or school library, for more ideas inspired by … ... More

how to play with your rat

Your rat will have plenty of room to run around and if there are multiple rats they will be able to play fun games with each other. Free accessories : The ramps, platforms and … ... More

how to make a glitter candle holder

14/01/2010 · How to make a Glitter Candle Holder and My Valentine Tablecloth Dear Friends, I've been busy sewing and crafting today. I think these fabrics are so pretty and two of them will become a Valentine apron for me. The third became a fun tablecloth for the family. Next I began to work on the centerpiece for the table. Before I begin I must say that I was on a program showing my baskets and … ... More

how to plan a creative writing piece

Creative writing in the gothic genre – spooky stories – offers a wonderful opportunity for just this. This is a topic that always manages to enthuse pupils and one of the most exciting aspects is that the outcome is completely different with every group. Giving students time for thinking and the creation of ideas is essential. Therefore, this plan should be seen as just a starting point ... More

how to play simon says sexually

Sexy Simon Says Take turns being “Simon”. You can dole out any command that you wish, as long as it’s sexy or sex-related – so, for example, “Simon says, nibble on my lower lip”, “Simon says, take your underwear off”, “Simon says, kiss my breasts”. ... More

how to make stop motion animation with ipad

The 'must have' app for making stop motion animations on iPad. Loved by families and educators around the world, Smoovie is the only stop motion animation app to combine precision editing and multiple scenes with instant playback. ... More

how to make instagram travel videos

In this lesson we cover a few additional apps and platforms that you can use to make your Instagram Stories really pop! Then, we chat with Rene, the Brand Director of Los Angeles Bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse about how they design beautiful, brand-aligned Instagram … ... More

how to make lo fi pictures

19/03/2011 · mococam - iphone photography guide created by ... More

how to make an outside dog an inside dog

A dog’s physical, social and behavioural needs are very complex and meeting these needs can be very hard, if not impossible, for dogs living outside. We understand that often, owners consider keeping their dog outdoors because of behavioural problems that may seemingly prevent them from staying indoors. ... More

how to sign off a love letter

For example, in english: In a conversation between friends or lovers, you could say "best wishes/all the best" (for one-way letters such as birthday wishes), or "love" or "yours truly" In a casual work conversation with colleagues you know well, you could say "cheers" or "thanks". In more formal conversations, "yours sincerely/sincerely yours ... More

how to run deus ex in 1920x1080

22/10/2009 · I have a dual core processor, which, when I run deus ex, makes DX run abnormally fast, so I have to run it in windows 95 compatibility, which doesn't allow the 1680x1050 resolution that my monitor is capable of. ... More

how to play star wars on piano notes

This edition from the Easy Piano CD Play-Along series features 10 songs from Star Wars franchise, arranged for solo Piano with accompaniments on CD. Each book in this series comes with a CD of complete professional performances, and includes matching custom arrangements in easy piano format. ... More

how to make a tea towel mockup

… from what I have seen on instagram these Ribba frames from Ikea with perspex seem to be very popular when it comes to achieving a framed piece of tea towel art for under $100. They retail for $29.99. ... More

how to pass a default parameter in android

They are generally used for passing data between various Android activities and fragments. How to pass data from Activity to Fragment There are simple blocks of code to pass … ... More

how to make him miss you

28/10/2017 · One of the things that can really entrance a man and can have him want you is that you help provide a context and nest where he can forget the worries of the world and importantly that you're not ... More

how to calculate risk return ratio

Risk to reward ratios, also known as risk/reward ratios, are a quick way for investors to determine if the potential risk of an investment is worth the payout if things go well. ... More

how to make a sunburn turn into a tan

I got a really bad sunburn today!! it was only like freakinn 50 degrees out but it was sunny so I went outside in my bikini and sat there for like 3 hours and I got a really really red sunburn. my mom told me it will turn into a tan when I wake up in... ... More

how to make a gif smaller file size photoshop

Photoshop can do some wonky things to files. I don't have an good explanation for this. I would try open a new file to the size you want -- then cut and paste it into that new size. ... More

how to make timer switch using arduino uno

5/02/2016 · In this project we are going to make a clap on clap off project using the concept of ADC in ARDUINO UNO. We are going to use a MIC and UNO to sense the sound and trigger a response. ... More

how to order a new sim spintel

If existing customers wanted the new pricing, they had to take a new SIM or leave the phone company and then buy a new SIM to ‘come back.’ SpinTel allow you to set a ‘hard limit’ or ‘cap’ on your data cap: The industry standard for postpaid data charging these days is $10 GB per GB, for every GB of ‘overage’ you incur. If, for example, you have a 12 month postpaid SIM Only ... More

how to receive digital tv channels

Hay says while each antenna design favours the reception of frequencies in specific ranges, it's the circuits in the TV or radio tuner that fine tune to an individual frequency or channel. ... More

how to write a love song

Read "How To Write A Love Song How To Write A Love Song (even if you know nothing about music)" by William Brooks with Rakuten Kobo. "Not just another song writing book, it's an organized method of thought and emotional processes which help one tell the... ... More

how to make a hotmail account with co uk

How do I make a new Hotmail account? Or account? - Making a new Hotmail or account isn't as obvious as many think. First, you need to make the option visible - … ... More

how to make baby back ribs in instant pot

Making instant pot pork ribs with hoisin sauce is easy. I use ready-made sauce and add some more ingredients to it. This sauce goes also well with wings (I have a recipe for I use ready-made sauce and add some more ingredients to it. ... More

how to change vpn to play maplestory

Click on Play and wait 84 years for the game to launch because of how slow the VPN is. Once the launch successfully passes the Nexon security, go to your system tray and right-click on the OpenVPN icon. ... More

how to move a leesa mattress

From day 1 on this Leesa Mattress, he’s been painless. And we’ve done some pretty heavy duty stuff in the meantime. Helping friends move homes, bending over to tile bathroom floors all night, piggy back fights with kids… and he has barely had any back pain at all. Occasionally when he really over does it he still wakes up a bit sore, but he’ll be the first to tell you that it’s a LOT ... More

how to make a fake south african drivers licence

About applying for a driving licence. You need a driving licence to drive legally on South African roads. Before applying for a driving licence, you must have a learner's licence. Different licences are issued for the various categories of motor vehicle: Code A1: This is for a motor cycle with or without a sidecar and with an engine not exceeding 125 cc. You must be at least 17 years old on ... More

how to make mango ice cream without cream

My version of mango ice cream can be made at home without an ice cream maker. The recipe is pretty simple as its just mango pulp blended with cream and milk. The recipe is pretty simple as its just mango pulp blended with cream and milk. ... More

how to play yugioh forbidden memories

The mechanics of this game differ from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, because this game was produced at the same time as the card game was being adapted from the manga, so the rules used are some one of the original rules considered for the TCG. ... More

how to make a line graph in excel 2016

... More

how to put a passcode on tumblr app

Warnings. According to a 2013 Tumblr report, there was a security issue with iPhone and iPad Tumblr apps that sent Tumblr passwords over plain text, making it possible for your password to get ... More

how to make portuguese seafood platter

Seafood Platter is a traditional Christmas fare and the perfect start to a rich meal. Learn how to make/prepare Seafood Platter by following this easy recipe. ... More

how to play clash of clans on your pc

Clash of Clans is an online community-centric MMO Strategy game. Form clans, train troops, and attack other clans! Obtain precious items such as Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and even Gems. Armour up and build your defenses to protect your village from foreign invasions. Train and upgrade your troops and spells to attack other clans. ... More

how to make a lifan 125cc motor 15000 rpm

30/06/2009 · 3) Once the motor is warm, ride in 2nd and 3rd gear from the low RPM to high RPM. This puts a good load on the motor and is an accurate test of performance. This puts a good load on the motor and is an accurate test of performance. ... More

how to make the worls best lego tank

This post will show you how to make your very own Abrams tank out of lego! This one is beige, but you could use black or grey and it would look just as awesome. ... More

how to make yourself dilate and go into labor

If you have to go into labor early and your cervix isn’t dilated yet, you can be admitted in a hospital and your caregiver will begin by inserting medications which contain prostaglandins into your vagina. It ripens the cervix as well as stimulates contractions. ... More

how to respond to a welcome back email

I covered this as well in an article titled Thank You, You’re Welcome, Thank You, You’re Welcome…. Here are some things to think about when receiving a thank you e-mail and whether you should or have to respond: ... More

how to make music using fl studio

Watch tutorials and experiment ALOT. However, many times you will see videos titled as "How to make a chord progression/House music chord/ How to make orchestral melody". ... More

how to make your old boss retire

Make Money in Retirement with Vayable You may have lived in one place most of your life and know it intimately. Consequently, you are an expert on the “best of” in your community. ... More

how to prepare profit and loss account pdf

2.2 Comparative Profit & Loss Account – Monthly In detailed Profit & Loss Account press F2 and change period from 1-1-2011 to 31-1-2011 > press C : New Column button (Alt+C) and set period from 1-2-2011 to 28-2-2011 for comparison ... More

how to read a call sheet australia

Hazardous chemicals are substances, mixtures and articles that can pose a significant risk to health and safety if not managed correctly. They may have health hazards, physical hazards or both. ... More

how to make rap vocals sound professional

The Best Preamp For Rap Vocals For the best neutral reproduction of your vocals, get the Avalon VT737sp (it is one of the units we reviewed on this page ). It is pricey, but delivers amazing sound … ... More

how to make easy empanadas

Use leftover pie dough, meats, vegetables and cheeses to make these easy empanadas. ... More

how to make bar soap in kenya

We offer Powder Soap manufacturing, "Green" bar soapmaking from used cooking oil, Cosmetic manufacturing - all working on 220 volt power. We give you full training, equipment and suppliers so that you can start your own lucrative Soap Making Business. ... More

how to make a glass transparent

16/12/2010 · True, you can´t make the "glass" sub-category transparent using VG - But you can turn if OFF (When it´s transparent, it´s not visible anyways ) BTW, have noticed that when doing this with OOTB windows, it´s neccecary to delete the initial "opening" in the window family, and replace it with a Void that cuts the wall... ... More

how to make paneer tikka masala recipe in hindi

Paneer Butter Masala, Matar Paneer, Methi Malai Paneer , Paneer Kofta curry, Makhmali Paneer curry, Paneer Tikka Masala. Achari Paneer Recipe in Hindi Video If you like this Achari paneer recipe and find it helpful, please do share it on facebook, twitter or pin it on Pinterest this may help others too and it keeps me motivated to write more. ... More

how to make homemade matzo balls

Meanwhile, make the matzoh balls: In a large bowl, combine the matzoh meal, salt, garlic, baking powder and baking soda. In a medium bowl, whisk the 2 whole eggs with the 3 yolks, schmaltz and onion. ... More

how to make ribbon rose no cutting

Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a flowers & rosettes in under 30 minutes by embellishing, not sewing, and paper folding with scissors, ribbon, and glue. Inspired by flowers, clothes & … ... More

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how to pack a puffer jacket

Epiq Women's Hooded Down Jacket. A classic with a twist, the Epiq Hooded Down Jacket is made from responsibly sourced down and recycled fabric. Grouped with the warmest down jackets in our range, this is the one for cold-weather outdoor adventures camping, watching rugby or a winter day hike.

how to make onion soup mix pork chops

Stir and cook preparing a roux for gravy. 10. Add soup mixture to pan and stir till smooth and thickened. If too thick, add water or milk to thin out. Remove from heat. 11. Stir in sour cream and combine. 12. Pour over pork chops. 13. Cover and bake for 1 to 1-1/2 …

how to play hopscotch with friends

For Let's Play Hopscotch, simple Four Patch blocks are made from pre-cut 2-1/2"-wide strips. Add a solid background fabric and some fun quilting, and you have a charming crib quilt for a special baby.

how to make it up to someone

I feel incredibly blessed to have found the most amazing group of friends after many, many years of awkward searching. They love to dress up in crazy costumes, are willing to participate in my science experiments (usually) and put up with my weird antics (like asking to be blindfolded and seeing if I can recognize each of them by scent).

how to make a grass texture

Ok, it might sound a bit complicated, but I'll try to explain this as best as I can. Firstly you'll need to split everything up into 16x16 (or 32x32, etc) size textures. name the top grass as grass_top, then the other four sides as grass_north, grass_south, grass_east and grass_west.

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Nunavut: Port Leopold NU, Kimmirut NU, NU Canada, X0A 9H2

England: Ipswich ENG, Blackpool ENG, Carlisle ENG, Tamworth ENG, Huddersfield ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 2A5

Northern Ireland: Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 5H4

Scotland: Cumbernauld SCO, Livingston SCO, Edinburgh SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B3

Wales: Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Newport WAL, Newport WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 3D9