Parallel Universes and the Alien Invasion

Written by William Colon William Colon

William Colon is the executive director of the Latino Institute, Inc. and a contributing writer for the Hall Institute of Public Policy.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 15:15

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CONCACAFCONCACAFDon’t get confused, this is not about the latest theories in physics regarding the size or extension of parallel realities in time and space, or about science fiction and alien visitations.

It is about the hard realities of our times.

Case in point: a soccer game this past Saturday at the new Giant Stadium. Or I should say two soccer games. Honduras beat Costa Rica and Mexico bested Guatemala. These were the quarterfinal elimination games of an outfit called CONCACAF. Hey, nothing important or extraordinary about soccer games or futbol, as it is properly called in Latin America.

What is extraordinary is that these teams attracted one hundred sixty thousand fans in one day to the Meadowlands. Over 80,000 at each game. These fans shelled out dozens of millions of dollars between tolls, ticket sales, parking fees, food, beverages and concession purchases. They dutifully paid the sales taxes, generating hundreds of thousand of dollars for the state treasury. They celebrated these games in typical Latino passion, vociferously celebrating their national colors, while behaving properly with full respect for the law of the land. There were no instances of rowdy fans or riots.

These were not people visiting New Jersey from other countries. These people live here. Most of them are “aliens”, many documented, a few undocumented or “illegals”. Hard working, honest people, making a living out of the most menial and hardest jobs, and, yes, contributing with their sweat –and dollars--to the common good.

But they live their lives in a parallel universe. The sport pages of our state papers hardly covered these games, if at all.

Except for those of us driving on Route 3, most people in North Jersey did not notice. To the majority, they are invisible. It is a bad habit to look and not acknowledge reality, as these people are here to stay.

Case in point: Senator John McCain said last week regarding the 519,000 acres that have burned as a result of wildfires in Arizona; “there is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who crossed the border illegally.”

Wow! Just like Nero and that business with the Christians. That’s the same statement Nero put in his press release in 64 A.D. I read a comment that the senator is playing to local politics, as it is fashionable in Arizona to blame all the bad things that happen in that state on the aliens. Nevertheless it is very disappointing to hear McCain, who was a reasonable voice on the immigration reform debate in years past, to come out with a statement like that with no proof whatsoever, except to say that some of the “people” may have left some campfires lit. I guess this happens when one is running away from the “migra”.

Case in point: the Irish illegals and their preferred treatment. As of 2007, there were over 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants in the U.S.A. The great majority of them live in New York City. They are in a special class. They are privileged and are part of the “anglo” culture. They do not run from the “migra” or have to light campfires to eat. They do not suffer much of what Mexicans and Guatemalans face, as they are white, speak English, and work at better jobs.

There are 40 million Americans of Irish descent and Irish-American politicians take care of their own.

Unlike Latinos, these aliens do not inhabit a parallel universe.

Case in point: the new rabid anti-immigrant law in Alabama. It forbids people from hiring, harboring, or giving a ride to undocumented immigrants and forbids landlords from renting property to undocumented immigrants. Perversely, it will mandate that primary and secondary schools be required to verify the immigration status of students and parents, who have to go to their children’s schools to provide an affidavit. This law makes it a crime to be alive.

I am guilty. I harbor and give rides to undocumented immigrants. I eat with them. I play futbol and---yes--golf with them. Some of them are my best friends. Guilty as charged.

I co-inhabit their parallel universe. I am richer for it.

This country has been invaded by aliens. It started when alien Europeans invaded the land, and thanks to their superior technology, dominated and enslaved the native people. It continued with new waves of immigrants from the poorer countries in Europe. From Italy and Ireland, from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Spain.

But the alien invasion is not over. As we stated in a previous opinion piece, even if all legal and illegal immigration of people from Central and South America were to stop, the Latino invasion will continue unabated, as net births overshadow net immigration by the size of its sheer numbers.

Parallel universes or not, the aliens have invaded and are here to stay.

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Photo credit Israel Perez - Licensed under Creative Commons

Parallel Universes and the Alien Invasion  

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