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how to make strawberry marmalade recipe

I t wasn't, on reflection, the wisest of days to make marmalade. I had pruned the roses, the temperature was a degree or two below freezing, and the skin around my thumbnail had cracked open in ... More

how to make chicken mince pasta

Cook pasta in lots of boiling, salted water until al dente; drain. Serve pasta in a bowl and top with the chicken mince and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and shaved Parmesan. Serve pasta in a bowl and top with the chicken mince and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and shaved Parmesan. ... More

how to make a homemade necklace

3/12/2012 A couple things to note here. I intend to experiment with the white spray also, but did not actually use it in the making of the necklace seen in this post. ... More

how to make hummus without tahini youtube

Sweet Potato Hummus! This is the perfect way to take hummus from boring to sensational. An easy recipe that can be prepared ahead of time with video instruction included. Makes a great party appetizer. ... More

how to play 800x600 games on windows 10

29/07/2017 Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next ?How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming? One Time 2017/2018 - Duration: 8:23. ... More

how to make a peace sign filter for a joint

World leader in motorcycle air filter technology. Sprint Filter P08, P08F1-85 and P037 air filters are race-developed and used in motogp, World SBK, motorcycle world speed records, and premier class competitions around the world including ASBK. ... More

how to make sugar cookies without butter or oil

Sugar Cookie Recipe Without Butter Or Oil Oatmeal Raisin Craisin Cookies Sugar Cookie Recipe Without Butter Or Oil Cup Cookie Recipe butter free cookie recipe Low Fat Sugar Cookie Recipes Oreo Cookie Cupcake Recipes List Of Healthy Late Night Snacks Some of 2012's hippest toys terribly lack cutting edge features. ... More

how to view details of old tax return

Tips. You can view prior-year returns by contacting the IRS for a free transcript or an exact copy. The IRS charges $57 per copy of your tax return at the time of publication. ... More

how to make nails with acrylic powder without tips

You must know how to apply the nail tips and how to apply the acrylic mixture on the nail tips before beginning. Fold a paper towel in half and lay it on top of the manicuring table. Place both dappen dishes on the paper towel. Fill one dappen dish with acrylic powder and fill the other dappen dish with liquid, according to the measurement directions in your acrylic nail kit. Do not fill the ... More

how to make smoke little alchemy

On this page you can see how to make Chimney in Little Alchemy with guide, cheats and combinations. Also you can learn what to do with Little Alchemy Chimney element on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, Google Chrome or any web-browser and where Chimney uses. ... More

how to get your tf2 bots to move

14/04/2010 CS:S bots never got added to the other games for some unknown reason, maybe now Turtle Rock Studios is a part of Valve, it might happen. TF2 ... More

how to put voice message on iphone

iPhone 7 Manual Visual Voicemail iPhone Pro - To setting Up Voice Mail on iPhone 7 The Visual voicemail lets you see a list of your messages and choose which one to listen to or delete, without having to wade through all of them. A badge on the Voicemail icon tells you how many unheard messages you have. ... More

how to complete the highlords return

Once this has been repeated for both the Highlords and Whitestone, you'll be shown the country status screen, with a list of all countries currently siding with Whitestone, those siding with the Highlords, countries which have been conquered (i.e., wiped out) and all countries that are still remaining neutral. It is possible for some countries to reamin neutral throughout the game. The next ... More

how to make software in java

12/09/2017 · ๑۩۩๑ Buissiness email: Music Production Tutorials: ... More

how to make op art hands

Op Art is art that uses optical illusion to trick the eye. Some people say that Pop Art is poking fun at traditional art and is most closely related to the nonsense art of Dadaism. Pop Art artists wanted to make art for the masses. They felt that earlier art was elitist. The first use of the word "pop" to describe art was by Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi. "Pop Art" was then used in 1954 by ... More

how to play love will tear us apart on piano

Genre Jazz Fusion. Users who like Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in a Habanera/Bossa Nova style for Rock Classics For Jazz Piano; Users who reposted Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in a Habanera/Bossa Nova style for Rock Classics For Jazz Piano ... More

how to make a girl laugh on chat in hindi

Girl Sounds Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Girl free from Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates! All files are … ... More

how to make biscuits without buttermilk

18/02/2014 · Buttermilk Biscuits are an heirloom recipe and this three ingredient buttermilk biscuit recipe is a must-have recipe for any cook. Get this easy biscuit … ... More

how to make greek lamb skewers

14/10/2017 · Lamb Shank Recipe Afghani kabab Recipe Lamb Shank Oven Lamb Kebab Afghan Cuisine کباب ماهیچه گوسفند - Duration: 4:35. Mazar Cuisine 942,109 views 4:35 ... More

how to make flaked maize

Using Yellow Corn Flakes as an adjunct produces a lower color in the finished beer without lowering the original gravity.Yellow Corn Flakes produce a beer with a mild, less malty flavor. Yellow Corn Flakes produce a drier, more crisp beer. ... More

how to make australian meat pies

Australian meat pie will be reminiscent of Irish Guinness pie or Canadian tourtiere that we already featured on 196 flavors. What are the tips to make the perfect Australian meat pie? No surprises during the preparation of this Australian meat pie recipe except that I highly recommend to correctly glue the top layer of dough so that the filling is enclosed and that it cooks without drying. My ... More

how to cast a love spell with a picture

Another great type of love spell, is the candle spell. Candles are wonderfully romantic and really give a witchy touch to any ritual. Others kinds of spells can use flowers, words written on paper, or crystals, so feel free to experiment a bit. Even really ... More

how to say tree in urdu

It disconnects almost all of the tree from the stump, creating a hinge that helps to control the tree's fall. Begin on the opposite side of the notch at the same level as the notched corner. Begin on the opposite side of the notch at the same level as the notched corner. ... More

how to make it in america free

Here is my guide of how to travel the USA for free without mooching: Make Goodness Your Currency. When you do good for others, others will do good for you. The great thing about goodness as a currency is, the more you give, the more you receive. You dont need to have anything to start with to use this currency. There are so many people in need of help and all you have to do is go out ... More

unity how to make a board game

11/07/2018 Create a model game board. This model will serve as the rough draft for your game. Depending on your approach to planning, your model might be a simple 2-dimensional sketch of your game setting/board on a piece of paper, but you might benefit from making a more detailed 3-dimensional model . ... More

how to make toy car at home

Convenient clips can attach individual stroller toys for babies to handles and overhangs so they don’t get lost in transit in the car, on the go, or at home. From plush take-along fireflies with mirrors and dangles, to stretchable dogs, to alphabet activity lap bars, has a wide selection of age appropriate baby stroller toys for child. ... More

how to make an item frame combination lock in minecraft

Play and Listen in this video i show you how to make a combination lock using a new 18 feature as of snapshot 14w04a this is a redesign of generikbs combo lock props Minecraft Tutorial - Item Frame Combination Lock Mp3 ... More

how to put a hat on a horse stardew valley

16/03/2016 · - Put hats.xnb into Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Farmer - Make sure you back up the original file before you overwrite it! - … ... More

how to make hair bows

I bought this set of 20 3-inch hair bows from Amazon. The quality is nice, but theyre slow shippers. So, if you need something thats going to arrive quickly, check out these other hair bow options. ... More

how to make yeast free bread

How to Make Vegan Gluten Free Bread without Yeast, Eggs, or Oil!? Honestly, this vegan gluten free bread is one of the easiest homemade bread recipes EVER. No yeast means no hours of waiting around for your dough to rise, you don’t need a bread machine, and you don’t even have to knead the dough at all! The trickiest part—baking your loaf with a foil tent on it, then removing the tent ... More

how to make marijuana pain relief cream

Choosing Cannabis for Pain For the best results, when choosing what kind marijuana to use, keep in mind what the intended use is going to be and research the best strains for you. If using buds, youll need 1/2 oz for a 1/2 cup of ointment. ... More

ufc undisputed 3 how to make a super caf

11/02/2018 · UFC 3 Real Fighter CAF Thread. This is a discussion on UFC 3 Real Fighter CAF Thread within the EA UFC forums. ... More

how to open frm file in mysql

Information about table definitions is stored both in the .frm files, and in the InnoDB data dictionary. If you move .frm files around, or if the server crashes in the middle of a data dictionary operation, these sources of information can become inconsistent. ... More

how to make a mario mushroom out of legos

The ultimate lego achievement for any Nintendo or Super Maro Bros. fan. Learn how to build Mario out of legos. How To : Build a Lego Mario mushroom See how to build the classic 8-bit mushroom from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. out of legos. ... More

how to make a card charizard gx card

pokemon 1 random holo rare card - possible gx ex hyper ultra, base charizard! ... More

how to produce melanin for vitiligo

If melanin is prevented to express then the area of skin remains white. Though there is no cure for vitiligo, some people believe that coconut not only prevents spread of vitiligo but also can get rid of it. ... More

how to make emoticons for discord

22/03/2011 The emoticons like (mooning) are called HIDDEN emoticons, since they don't show up in any menu. You can only create them when you type in text, like mooning for example. Check below for the complete list of hidden skype emoticons. ... More

how to make checkered vans

This season Vans introduces the Colour Theory Collection, allowing you to create your own colour story with our offering of unisex footwear and apparel. ... More

how to make useful things from waste material at home

We hope this wonderful idea of Waste Canes Hanging Lamp will Give you some inspiration to create some more craft and home decor things. Also, Check some more ways to make hanging lamp from other materials. ... More

how to make s mores trail mix

I used some snowflake-print food-safe treat bags and filled them with roughly a quarter cup of the s’mores trail mix. Campfires and ooey gooey s’mores may be a few months away, but these will be great to tide you (and the kiddos) over until then. ... More

how to make homepage on macbook pro

28/01/2015 · Page content loaded . Question marked as amazing that apple has found a way to make "the community" do the work of helping it's very heavily-invested clientele.. the paying customers that bought the expensive product & just need to know how to use the thing..! seems there'd be an "index" of "how-to's" that apple consumers can simply browse & solve their problems that way. # ... More

how to prepare breadfruit video

In this video I would show you how I made Breadfruit & Rice Flour Flatbread. I hope you enjoy it! Check out my blog for the recipe at ... More

how to overcome love sickness

My SteamVR Library now have more than 50 Title. For the love of Gabe, I can't get over the motion sickness. I tried hard for Onward... Tried again... ... More

how to make a fondant acoustic guitar

Learn how to make a guitar cake, covered in fondant, step-by-step. I made this acoustic guitar cake for the music festival in our neighborhood. A few years ago, when I made this acoustic guitar cake for the music festival in our neighborhood. ... More

how to make bullet in little alchemy

How To Make Bullet In Little Alchemy How To Make Ore In Little Alchemy 2 Players need not limit the space with simply three-four parts at a time even when a … ... More

how to make the perfect square ai

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the creation process on how to effectively recreate some perfect radial shapes. Once you have completed this tutorial. I am sure you will be creating some amazing radial shapes to include in your designs. ... More

how to move netflix from one ps3 to another

This pack will only allow for one device to stream Netflix at any given time. So, if you can foresee multiple people in the house wanting to watch different programs simultaneously, this one might ... More

how to make a girl want to fuck you

Youll also want to make your bedroom, or wherever you want to make love as romantic as possible. For example, dim the lights, make sure its clean and tidy and smells nice. This is going to help get her turned on quicker and ultimately lead to great sex. ... More

how to return asos items australia blog

Returns: Asos returns are handled in a large processing center in Swiebodzin, Poland. However, Australian shoppers are not required to send their returns internationally. All items purchased from Asos can only be returned within 28 days from the date order was delivered to a customer. Returns are free for Australian orders now. You need to fill in a ... More

how to read bland altman plot

conclusions (Bland and Altman, 1994) and to a difficult choice of an appropriate measure of the correlation (Hamlett, Ryan, Serrano-Trespalacios and Wolfinger, 2003). While several formal approaches have been proposed (Bland and Altman, 1995, ... More

how to make magnetic business cards

How to make your artwork magnetic business cards. Sell them as a refrigerator magnet, give them away as a business card or as a sample reminder for someone cons ... More

how to make google default search internet explorer

By default, the search engine in Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 8 is set to Bing. All the search results will be provided by Bing if you try to search from the address bar. Follow these directions to change your search engine to Google instead. ... More

how to make a youtube video with an ipad

Hey there! The first recommendation I can give is to put videos that you want to continuously play into a Youtube Playlist. Playlist automatically go to the next video in ... More

how to make bear claws

Pillsbury™ biscuits make quick work of creating sweet pastries. These updated bear claws have a new, must-try flavor twist. MORE+ LESS- ... More

how to move whole room in smart draw

Professional process flowchart software with rich examples and templates. Edraw allows you to create a process flowchart more easily. Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, procedures and information exchange. ... More

how to run windows longhorn

Check if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista. Free User rating. Publisher Security Update for Windows Server Codename Longhorn IDS_C for ... More

how to make things from coconut shell

So why should you learn how to make coconut butter? It tastes wonderful and it’s a “good” fat. Spread it on warm pancakes or waffles, drizzle it over fresh fruit, use it in your coffee, make fudge or other healthier desserts, or mix equal amounts of coconut butter and chocolate chips and pour over ice cream to make a crunchy magic shell ... More

how to make screentones in photoshop

Tags: blending color photoshop, blending images photoshop, make composite image photoshop, how to, photoshop tutorial, photoshop tutorials, color match photoshop, blend tones photoshop, blend tones photoshop, how to composite images photoshop, FEAT ... More

how to move contacts from android to iphone 6

When you finally get your hands on that fabulous new iPhone 6 or 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus, there will two methods available to you to transfer contacts and all of the rest of your important data from your old Android phone to your shiny new iPhone. ... More

how to play musicin paldins

Directed by Emmy-nominated writer-producer Lee Aronsohn (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory), the film follows Aronsohn’s mission to reunite the scattered members of Boulder’s most influential and elusive jam band, Magic Music, in the hopes of getting them to play one last show. ... More

how to make apple drink at home

Another important addition is to drink flavored water - I'm referring to diy infused water that's quick and easy to make at home, as explained here. Protein is King Protein is the master macronutrient for weight loss, for two main reasons: ... More

how to put on bandana in red dead redemption ps3

20/09/2015 · This is a guide on how to get the skull face bandanna WITHOUT CAP Step 1: put on a outfit that you want for the glitch Step2: take of the Mask and get in your or a friends bike Step:3 go to interaction menu and then (this is the tricky part) when she/he puts on … ... More

how to make bedroom look luxurious

White on white, neutral colors and white hidden lighting will make your room look mush bigger. Apply this rule to everything from the bedding to the wall and floor covers. Apply this rule to everything from the bedding to the wall and floor covers. ... More

arma 3 how to make sides like vanilla zeus gamemode

If you are going to play Arma SP only as I do, I really recommend adding mods to your experience, because there's just not a lot of vanilla Arma 3 content. Armaholic has all of the most popular mods ranging from infantry, vehicles, maps, sounds, weapons etc... It really makes it more enjoyable. ... More

how to make a fast balloon powered race car

Let the car go and measure how far it went. Record the distance as the range (R). Repeat steps 3 and 4 for different diameters. For example, try D = 20 cm and 25 cm. Make a … ... More

how to play song in minecraft

I have wanted to play with others for a long time too, but I had no way of meeting members of the minecraft community. Through this post I am hoping to find people like me who want to play online but never really knew how to find anyone to play with. So, if anyone out there would like to maybe play together or maybe even start some sort of Youtube thing just ... More

how to make a synthetic wig soft

Soft Stretch… maximum comfort if you wear a wig all day. Our clever integration of softer materials and unique stitching technology results in 7 exclusive features. ... More

how to put your hair in a big bun

GRAB A COFFEE, PUT YOUR HAIR IN A BUN, PUT SOME GANGSTER RAP ON… & GET SHIT DONE (AKA BALANCING FEMININE VS MASCULINE ENERGIES) I just want to bottle up what just went down with one of my bootcamp weekly circles (WTF IS A BOOTCAMP CIRCLE? ... More

how to make arms slimmer

My arms are getting fat and loose. Anything I can do to make them slimmer but I don't want to widen my shoulder. ... More

how to make placemats with batting

How To Make Placemats With Batting. placemat. More from my site. Thanksgiving Placemats To Make; Thanksgiving Placemats For Kids To Make; Thanksgiving Placemats For Preschoolers To Make; Making Quilted Placemats; Quilted Placemats To Make; Make Your Own Placemats Online < Previous Post. Next Post > Search for: Recent Posts. White Wood Beads And Iron Basket ... More

how to prepare frozen mochi

Mochi, a Japanese soft and chewy cake made of rice flour and coconut milk, can be flattened and wrapped around jam, bean paste and even ice cream to make a sweet dessert. ... More

how to make filipino bibingka

Bibingka Galapong Recipe or Coconut Rice Cake is usually cooked in a clay pot, lined w/ banana leaves and topped with salted egg slices that add a satisfying flavor of this Filipino dessert. At the top and at the bottom of the pan, coal is placed to cook the … ... More

how to play music through skype and still talk

Skype makes it easy to stay in touch Talk. Chat. Collaborate. Call landlines and mobiles from anywhere in the world at great low rates using Skype. Learn more . Skype Number . Get a local phone number in another country or region and answer calls on Skype. Learn more . Skype blog. Simplicity and familiarity—updates to the Skype user experience . Our passion for bringing people closer ... More

how to make a long envelope

While it may seem like there are always envelopes that need to be stuffed, it just doesn’t make sense from a logistical point of view to sub-contract the stuffing of envelopes. Think about how long it would take for the required periodicals to make it to you before the intended customer. ... More

how to make money with bitcoin in nigeria

Naira4dollar is a really dependable dealer for getting and promoting petecoin in Nigeria. Just observe the directions in the video to do it with ease. ... More

how to make a bun cover

Place 6 to 8 buns on paper, cover with steamer lid. Pour about 4 cm / 1 1/2 inches in a wok / pot (steamer should not touch water) and bring to rapid simmer over medium high. Place steamer in wok, then cook for 12 minutes. ... More

how to make a song a ringtone on samsung s8

How To Add & Use Third Party Ringtones On Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus March 12, 2018 March 12, 2018 admin In any phone that you have, there are already setup default ringtones that are made by the manufacturer. ... More

how to make a pinwheel spin faster

Tap the push pin into one end of the wooden dowel with a hammer to give the pinwheel a handle. Leave about a quarter inch of the pin outside of the dowel to allow the pinwheel to spin. Leave about a quarter inch of the pin outside of the dowel to allow the pinwheel to spin. ... More

how to run external hard drive to lg tv

22/11/2017 · Below is from a review found on Google. For more info on the set's features try asking in the AVF dedicated LG Forum. "The set also includes personal video recorder (PVR) features, so if you plug a hard drive or memory key into one of its three USB ports, you can pause live TV … ... More

how to make scabs heal faster on legs

Scabs heal faster when they are protected from being banged up and scratched. Scabs that are in an area that is susceptible to bumps and used frequently—such as elbows, calves, fingers and toes—should be covered loosely with gauze. The gauze should be removed when it is unlikely the scab … ... More

how to make a mini bike

21/08/2017 · Hello, My name is John, born in 1976 and living in Netherlands. Small country in Europe where "your minibikes" are very rare. Ok, we do spot a small Honda once in a while. ... More

how to make your hair wavy with a curling wand

How to Curl Thick Hair When styling your hair, starting out with clean hair cannot be emphasized enough. Although some hair stylists think that your hair can go one day without a wash because it holds curls better, it’s always better to curl your hair when it’s clean. ... More

how to make gourds dish washer friendly

To prepare a jar to become a hummingbird feeder, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. Remove the label and any glue remnants, and wash the jar thoroughly in hot, soapy water, removing all food debris along the lip or threads of the jar as well as anywhere in the jar's body. ... More

how to make homemade mint extract

14/06/2016 · Today I wanted to share how to make an easy peppermint extract. This will come in handy for some homemade ice cream , peppermint patties and other recipes that refresh in the summer! We will also be sharing other homemaking DIY's in the future that could be made with this extract as a … ... More

how to make it so any computer can run league

12/04/2013 · Background: I just received a new Windows 8 PC and mine was the first user account that was created when I was running through the setup so my account is the administrator account by default. ... More

how to make a row counter bracelet

This video shows how to use your Ablet knitting abacus style row counting bracelet. ... More

how to move a double oven

22/03/2003 · Electrical - AC & DC - Moving a built in double oven - I would like to move my built in double oven--cabinet it is built in and all--a few feet from where it … ... More

how to play multiplayer on rory mcilroy pga tour

But as long as other rival studios haven’t taken the step up, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is still one of the best PS4 golf game that you can have on your console. The game offers a wide variety of play styles which are suitable for both beginners and hardcore players. ... More

how to play murder triva party online

Join the AH crew as they play Jackbox 3: Trivia Murder Party. In this trivia game, you win or you die. The questions are tough and the answers are zany. ... More

how to make friends list public on facebook app

The data of the remaining (roughly) 86.7 million was gathered through a loophole in Facebook's policies, allowing app creators to collect data about the friends of their app's users even if those friends had never used the app themselves. ... More

how to make cacao powder from cacao nibs

You can buy raw cacao powder and nibs from most health stores. The pods are more difficult to source (you can get them online) but they require quite a lot of work. (Dry them in full sunshine for 3 days, leave them to ferment for 3 days, dry them outside again for another 3 days, roast them, de-shell them, remove any bad bits, and grind them into a fine powder). ... More

how to make megaman cosplay

Mega Man classic helmet, perfect props for cosplay, masquerade or halloween party. Made of high-grade soft resin, the surface is smooth and light-reflecting. There is a layer of soft sponge pad inside of the helmet, wearing comfortably. ... More

how to make honey soy sauce for a stir fry

MasterFoods® Honey, Garlic and Soy Stir Fry Recipe Base product information. Find out more about our delicious Cooking Sauces range for your next food creation. Find out more about our delicious Cooking Sauces range for your next food creation. ... More

how to make nail glue

Purchase a sheet of acrylic, Swedish plastic, hobby plastic, or even a tube of Krazy Glue. Each one of these products makes a great fake nail. ... More

how to make a sleeper sofa bar shield

Use a sleeper sofa bar shield to make any bed more comfortable how to make a pull out sofa bed more comfortable fantastic 6 top tips to make a sofa bed comfortable ... More

how to make a mohawk hat

My eight year old niece is fun-loving and loves to be the center of attention. I wanted to make her a new hat for Christmas this year, so I decided to knit her a mohawk hat. ... More

how to make a phone call from mac

Making a FaceTime call from your Mac to another person’s Mac, iPhone or iPad is easy as long as you do the following: You both need to be logged in to FaceTime. You also need to make sure you both have a sufficiently good internet connection (see details above). ... More

how to make horizon patch fallout 4

Apparently Fallout 4 crashes in specific area's due to save files becoming corrupt. Worksarounds for various quests have been posted. Worksarounds for various quests have been posted. ... More

how to tell if shocks need replacing

18/11/2012 · Also would like to know how to tell when shocks need replaced besides lookin at them Sent from my HTC One X using AutoGuide.Com Free App. Not to dog on pro comp. But they don't make the greatest products. I'm partial to rancho series, bilstein, and KYB shocks. But all favoritisim aside. Any and all shocks are rated for 50,000 miles/ 5 years. Less if abused I.e.> off road, hauling, and … ... More

dead by daylight how to play on haddonfield

Maps of all levels in Dead by Daylight. Marking Maps. The north is pointing in the direction where during the mapping, I saw the moon (Now it can be somewhere else). One grid is equal to one piece of the wall border. Squares on the map are places where it spawns structure. structure spawns rotated in different directions. Small square within a square is a high structure (walls). A small hill ... More

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how to make soil more acidic naturally blueberries

This is because soil bacteria are more active at higher soil pH. In summary, the reason for the gradual soil acidification in blueberry production is due to the action of blueberry roots, not the nitrification processes that happen in soil as usually assumed because the …

how to open artifact weapons

Artifacts are specifically defined as anything with a unique appearance. This is opposed to Unique items, which are defined as those which there is only one of, but which have the same appearance as other generic items.

how to make a lid on a cake

I knew I needed to make a cake with the scalloped edges, but didnt think about how to do it until today (I need it for Friday). I was going to wing-it, but decided to look online. Wow I

how to make 3d paper flowers with construction paper

I need more paper crafts in my life so I tried my hand at 3D paper flowers. They are so easy to make and look so pretty! Especially when you use patterned paper to cut the design out on. They are so easy to make and look so pretty!

how to make apple pastry

Chef's Note This is a combination of at least 3 recipes. I was feeling motivate to make an apple pie, then a crostata and got lazy. I didn't feel like making a pastry crust.

how to say hang yourself in spanish

I heard Colgate (Toothpaste brand) translates into "Go hang yourself" is spanish. Which sounds preposterous, any truth to this? Which sounds preposterous, any truth to this? Posted Dec 23, 2011

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England: Manchester ENG, Nuneaton ENG, Kettering ENG, Bury ENG, Royal Leamington Spa ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 6A2

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H6

Scotland: Aberdeen SCO, Livingston SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Paisley SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B2

Wales: Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D5