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The American Voter 2012

The next four episodes on The Hall Public Forum, we'll be looking at the question of the election coming up in November, 2012. It's called 'The American Voter 2012', and we're looking very closely at the whole question of the making of a president, the selling of the president, and finally of course, the election of the president.

Please join us for all four of our shows and let us know your views here at

Michael P. Riccards,
Executive Director, Hall Institute
Michael P. Riccards

New Weekly Series:

The American Voter 2012:

Spotlight on How We Vote and Why

by Lawrence E. McCullough, Ph.D.

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Featured Research

Public Pension: New Jersey’s public pension system is likely to be a hot topic as the state grapples with unprecedented fiscal problems and a new administration prepares to take office. Over the past 12 months, the Hall Institute has followed this issue closely. Our reports and opinion pieces are compiled in this special Pension Section.
UPDATE:There are some updates that need to be made in the Hall Institute Report on Pensions. The value of the pension fund assets fell to $66 billion (as of June 2009), from $83 billion the previous year. The unfunded pension liability is now $46 billion.